World Winner Multi-Champ. CAMIL Kasiterit

Ch. Camil Kasiterit

World Winner 1996, Champion Czech/Slovakia 1997, Champion Austria/International 1998, Champion of Champions Austria Group 1 1998, Best Male Slovakia 1998 * Austria's most successful Briard male ever

HD A/A * full breeding confirmation

December 15, 1992 - June 26, 1999
Sire: Ch. FIGHTING CHANCE Imago (Czech * Champion Czech)
Dam: KASITERIT van'w Wuitensnest (Slovakia - Import from Belgium * HD A/A)

Camil was a very kind hearted boy, friendly to any and all members of the same species - whether big or small, whether male or female. He was the born show dog, he enjoyed to be in the ring, he always knew when it came to showing when he was presented. His show success read like a fiction. Unfortunately it was not destiny that this gorgeous successful Briard reaches a normal age and it should also not be that there were offspring of this so beautiful, healthy and full of character boy.

Camil was killed in a tragical way at the age of not even seven years: He was in Slovakia for preparing him for a show at his handler ...... it was in the evening at the walk ...... all of a sudden he ran off and did not listen to the calls of the handler ...... hours later he was found by friends of his breeder ...... dead ...... ran over by a car ...... much too young. ...... Camil found his final resting place at the friends who found him, who have at that time been best friends of his breeder. ...... We will never get to know what really happened: Camil's handler emigrated to the USA only a few days after this devastating incident and nobody ever heard from her again.

This boy was Austria's most successful Briard ever (until today). We are proud that we were allowed to be owner of this boy and we are grateful to his breeder.

Camil's special success:
  • 03/20/1999 - Camil is Champion of Champions Winner of FCI Group 1 at the final event of the Austrian Show Season 1998
  • 1998 - Camil is best Briard male Briard Club Slovakia
  • 1998 - Camil is Austrian Champion
  • 06/17/1998 - Camil is International Champion
  • 1997 - Camil is Slovakian Champion
  • 1997 - Camil is Czech Champion
  • 06/07/1996 - Camil is World Winner


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